Top 10 Best Baby Gates Reviewed In 2017

When a baby turns five or six months, they tend to get more physically active. They begin to crawl. As such, they are more susceptible to potential dangers. Therefore, six through two years of babies’ age, parents need be careful to keep their kids’ movements limited and safe. One of the best equipment for that matter is a good safety gate. However, for there are so many models of the same on the market, this article helps you get the very best value deal by highlighting the top 10 best baby gates reviews in 2017. Keep reading on to choose your favorite.

10. Safety 1st Nature Next Bamboo Gate

This is one of the best value safety gates to use in limiting your baby’s movements and averting possible danger. It offers an eco-conscious way of restricting access to risky zones. It is made of durable bamboo material, featuring 10% quality plastic panels. It fits on openings and doorways between 28 and 42 inches wide, standing 24 inches tall. It is simple to install, thanks to pressure mounting system, and also simple to move.

9. Evenflo Soft and Wide Gate

Evenflo’s Soft and Wide gate is another great choice in this category, helping parents restrict kids to safety and keeping dangers at bay. It is an extra wide mesh gate that installs easily with no hardware while not damaging your house parts. You only twist its horizontal rods for simple setup, as well as removal and storage. Its fabric is also removable for ease of cleaning.

8. Munchkin Easy-Close Safety Gate

Munchkin baby safety gate makes parents a lot easier. It has an aesthetic design in a slim profile, making it seamlessly fit into most home parts. For its easy adjustability, it also fit many opening spaces. Moreover, it swings both directions, allowing extra convenience. For extra security, it is lockable both ways, a double locking system that, together with the unit’s robust U-shaped frame, ensured added stability, making the gate a great barrier for keeping kids and pets safe.

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7. Summer Infant Decorative Wood and Metal Gate

This model by Summer Infants helps you keep your active child safe while not compromising your home style and décor. It is a 5ft pressure mounted baby gate that is made of high quality and durable metal and wood. It is conveniently broad, ensuring kid’s security is not compromised, while its design doesn’t damage walls. It is simple to install and remove.

6. Regalo Extra WideSpan Gate

With a safety lock as well as a convenient touch-release, Regalo Extra WideSpan is a reliable safety walk through gate. It features great pressure mounts, thus it’s easy to install and remove without damaging home finish. Moreover, its adjustability ensures custom fit. Furthermore, this baby safety gate is made of firm steel for safety as well as durability. It well provides safety for active kids, giving you the pace of mind to accomplish other household chores.

5. North States Supergate Easy-Close Gate

The Supergate’s North States is one of the most popular baby safety gates today. It features a triple locking mechanism that’s quite easy operating, offering great user convenience while providing safety for your kid from dangers like stairs, pets, or fire. Its heavy-duty design of steel panels and frames offers wonderful value. Moreover, its adjustable design adds to ease of use, and it is simple to install and remove.

4. Regalo 192-Inch Super-Wide Gate

Offering a versatile means of keeping your kid safe, this Regalo 4-in-1 Play Yard gate provides many convenient configurations for use around your home. It is made of strong steel, thus ensuring great durability, while the design renders it simple setting up and taking down. Moreover, it is foldable and walk-through, making it portable for your family trips and hassle-free using or storing.

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3. Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Walk Thru Gate

You are shopping for an ergonomically designed baby safety gate ideal for keeping your child safe while complementing your home décor? The Summer Infants Multi-use Deco is your choice then. Besides offering versatile uses, its extra-wide design makes it mountable in several locations, stairways included. Moreover, its dual-lock system and walk-through design allows for added convenience and greater safety. It also has decorative bronze finish, blending well with most homes décor styles.

2. Carlson Extra-Wide Walk-Through Gate

With a convenient walk through design and an all-steel construction, this Carlson baby safety gate offers ultimate child security. Its patented pet door design lets only small-size pets to walk through, while it is adjustable for custom fits. Moreover, it has pressure mount system that, adding single hand safety lock system, improves ease of installation while not impacting your home décor and finish. It is also free of harmful chemicals, thus safe to handle since it causes no adverse health effects.

1. Regalo Easy-Step Walk-Thru Gate

The most popular among the top 10 best baby safety gates today, the Regalo Easy-Step is a highly regarded walk-through design model that is easily expandable and offers ideal child protection. Due to its wall cups, pressure mounting is quite easy, providing a stable barrier to your kid from all risks around in your home. Moreover, it has a lever-style handle that includes safety lock to offer a simple one-touch operation. It is ideal for controlling baby movement and their interaction with pets.

Of course, there are numerous more models of baby safety gates on the market from different brands. However, the ones featured in the above top 10 best baby gates reviews in 2017 rank as the best in value for the money. If you want to invest in the best deal to protect your baby from possible dangers in the house, choose your favorite from the above options.

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