Top10 Best Carpenter Bee Trap In 2017 Reviews

The carpenter bee is an annoying insect that does a lot of structural damage to homes and wooden installations such as patios. By boring holes on beams, for instance, it lowers their structural integrity over time. As their larvae hatch in holes, they attract the attention of birds such as woodpeckers. This lowers the experience of homeowners further. To cure this menace, forget about using the toxic broad-spectrum chemicals that kill beneficial insects as well. A quality carpenter bee trap is all you need. The 10 models that we have listed, for instance, have stylish and effective designs. They are also durable and works chemical-free.

10. BestNest Back Mount Carpenter Bee Traps

Are you struggling with the carpenter bee menace at home? To take care of the infestation fast before the make minced wood out of your beans, go for this BestNest Back Mount bee traps. Attainable as a package of four traps, they offer four times the killing power of some comparable models. Their wooden designs are durable and easy to disguise, while their proven and patented systems never disappoint. Set up well, you will attract and kill carpenter bees over a five to 15-foot radius without using chemicals.

9. Best Bee Brothers Artisan Carpenter Bee Trap

Never underestimate the value of this handcrafted carpenter bee trap from Best Bee Brothers. Even though simple and attainable cheap on the Internet, it is one of the most effective in this niche. With a coverage of 4.5-6-feet, for instance, it attracts and kills carpenter bees over a wide area. The cedar wood used to make it has a rustic and elegant look that blends well with houses, while the Mason jar receptacle used is large. As such, unlike some models that require frequent emptying, this model kills better longer. Because its patented design does not use pesticides of chemicals to kill, it is safe for families and other insects.

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8. Carpenter Simple Box Carpenter Bee Trap

Have you tried swatting carpenter bees from your home with poor results? Have you used chemical remedies with poor results? This Carpenter Simple Box Carpenter Bee Trap will not disappoint you. Designed specifically for trapping and killing carpenter bees, its proven and patented system works well. Its natural wooden look blends well with beans and patios while the guarantee (100% money back) offered for it attest its quality. Forget about this trap rotting over time. Because it works chemical-free, it is also safe, effective, and easy to use in most settings.

7. Best Bee Brothers Bee Box Trap

With an original, you will never worry about the annoying carpenter bee infestation at home again. Made of solid pine wood, it is perfect for use outdoors. It withstands the rain and sun well, for instance. It also has an appealing outlook that blends well with houses and structures such as patios of gazebos. This patented trap comes ready to use. All you have to do is attach a Mason jar or standard water bottle to its funnel to get a functional trap in seconds. You do not need pesticides or chemicals to use this trap.

6. Bees N Things Plastic Bottle Carpenter Bee Trap

Ranked among the safest and easiest to use traps, Bees N Things is also one of the most effective products in this niche. Designed to work with most types of plastic bottles, its versatility is impressive. Setup is simple, while its two-pronged system of operation is among the best. Because of its elegant design, for instance, this trap attracts carpenter bees from a distance. Once in close proximity, its pre-treated interior comes into play. It lures the carpenter bee inside and traps it to prevent it from escaping. Once your bottle is full of bees, replace it with a new one and leave the trap to continue doing its job.

5. Awvac Carpenter Bees Trap

Awvac Carpenter Bees Trap is an excellent alternative for the chemical-laden remedies that people use to cure infestations at home. This is twofold. First, this trap works great. Even though it does not rely on insecticides to kill, its well-crafted system is efficient all season. It attracts carpenter bees well. It also traps them well to cure your infestation one bee at a time. Second, this trap is very easy to use. Once you hang it on the path on troublesome carpenter bees, it attracts and kills them without your intervention.

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4. Best Bee Brothers Carpenter Bee Trap – 2 pack

For those shopping for carpenter bee traps, two products always work better than one. If the products are from a reputable brand such as Best Bee, the experience is even better. With this set, for instance, you get two high-grade accessories that trap and kill bees well. They are easy to setup. Their chemical-free systems are safe for families, while the replaceable receptacles (plastic bottles) they come with ease emptying. Made of solid wood, these traps are durable. They also last long in all environments.

3. Best Bee Trap Carpenter Bee Trap

A proven natural remedy for annoying carpenter bee infestations in homes, Best Bee Trap never disappoints. It kills fast and efficiently without using chemicals. If you are conscious about looks, it blends well in homes and installations such as patios. Finally, because it uses replaceable plastic bottles, it is one of the most convenient products in this niche. You can load and set it up easily wherever you like. When full, you can also empty it easily without compromising its system.

2. Bees N Things Carpenter Bee Trap

With Bees N Things, you get an EPA-compliant carpenter bee trap with an attractive wooden design that blends well in homes. Because of its quality design, its durability is impressive. The patented technology that it employs, on the other hand, catches most carpenter bees in its vicinity without using chemicals. This makes it ideal for use in homes with kids and or pets. Bees N Things Carpenter Bee Trap is affordable and comes ready to use.

1. Chrisman Mill Farms Carpenter Bee Trap (Wood Bee Gone)

Made of durable 3/4-inch pine lumber, Chrisman Mill Farms is the Top10 Best Carpenter Bee Trap Review in 2017. This durable and aesthetic accessory work well in homes. Its waterproof top, for instance, does not rot over time. The one-pint ball brand collection jar it uses is large and easy to use. Finally, fitted with a long (six inches) 14-gauge chain, you can hang it in most areas of the home with positive results.

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