Top 10 Best EBook Reader in 2017 Reviews

EBooks have reduced the demand for paperback books for many reasons. First, their portability is impressive. Unlike paperback books that are heavy and bulky, for instance, you can access them anywhere and at any time. They also have live interfaces. You can zoom in text, for example. You can also highlight and bookmark texts for later reviews. To enjoy their plethora of benefits, however, you need one key device – an eBook reader. Many models are available online. However, our top 10 picks include:

10. Kobo N647-KBU-B Wireless e-Book Reader

Kobo is a less known brand that has manufactured some of the best devices for years now. This wireless eBook reader, for instance, is a powerful model with a compact 0.4-inch thick design. If you are looking for a new one that you can travel with easily, it is a good candidate. It is also durable and grants users access to over 2.2 million books via the Kobo EBook store. If you have a few of your own, you will also like using this device. The 32GB micro SD storage that people get can store over 1000 eBooks.

9. Sony PRS900BCKIT Reader Daily Edition

This Daily Edition of Sony PRS900BCKIT is a wireless eBook reader with a 7-inch touchscreen. Even though larger, it is a portable accessory. Unlike some models that weight more than a brick, for instance, its elegant and streamlined design is lightweight. Access to newspapers and books is effortless. If you have a 3G connection in your area, you can also download books fast and back them up. The 1.6GB storage space offered is more than enough for most people. Sony PRS900BCKIT Reader has adjustable fonts (six). It also supports both landscape and portrait viewing.

8. Barnes & Noble NOOK GlowLight Plus eReader

Forget about the heavy books that you carry around to stay informed. With Barnes & Noble NOOK, you get a portable GlowLight reader that comes ready to use. It is portable. Its adaptable screen works well during the day and at night. Finally, the paper-like reading experience that it delivers enables people to read their favorite books longer. If you travel often, thus, and like to stay entertained on the road, this is an ideal reader to use. Battery life (weeks) is impressive. Its dust-proof and waterproof design also last longer than most comparable brands.

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7. Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch eBook Reader

Like the NOOK GlowLight Plus eReader listed, this Simple Touch edition from Barnes & Noble is a portable accessory. Weighing just eight ounces, you can travel with it effortlessly during your numerous trips. The large 6-inch screen that you get is crisp and clear. Finally, no matter the genre of books that you like, you will find good titles in the over two million eBooks offered. You also get access to newspapers and magazines that you will enjoy reading always. Charged to capacity, Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch works well for up to two months.

6. Kindle Oasis E-reader (with Leather Charging Cover)

Ranked among the lightest and thinnest eBook readers of all time, Kindle Oasis makes reading fun. Unlike the bulky and poorly designed brands that weight people down, for instance, you can travel with it easily. Its ergonomic design not only fits comfortably in the hand but also has ergonomic buttons that work well. Screen resolution is around 300ppi (glare free). Finally, its high battery life enables you to read continuously for many hours indoors or outdoors.

5. Kindle E-reader – Black, 6-inch

Buy this Kindle e-reader to get a black 6-inch accessory with a built-in Wi-Fi adapter. Access to books is easy. The touchscreen display that you get is glare-free, while its thinner and lighter design appeals to most people. You will like it too. Finally, unlike some models with limited storage, this one can hold thousands of books without running out of storage space. Its battery life is as impressive. A single charge will last you several weeks at least.

4. Kindle, 6″ E-Ink Display

Offering the value that has made Kindle popular, this eBook reader is amazing. It has a charming graphite look that does not fade over time. Its large (6-inches) diagonal screen (600x800p) is also impressive, while its Wi-Fi enables system enables you to download books easily. Whilst on the road, you do not have to worry about this eBook reader weighing you down. Its paper-thin design weighs a paltry 170 grams. Whether you like short reading sessions or binge on content like most of us do, you will enjoy using it. You get both onboard (1.25GB) and cloud storage.

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3. Kindle Touch, Wi-Fi

This 6-inch Kindle eBook reader is a durable accessory with a clear multi-touch screen (600x800op). It does not glare as some low-grade models that people waste their money. It is also affordable and has a proprietary waveform design that appeals to most people. Like most Kindle eBook readers that people have relied on for years, this model has on-board storage (3GB). It is also light and has an impressive six-week battery life. Whether you are a student or an avid book lover, Kindle Touch will satisfy your needs.

2. Kindle Voyage E-reader

Passionately crafted for beginners and avid readers, Kindle Voyage E-reader is one of the best. Connectivity is fast and reliable. If you have Wi-Fi at home, you can download as many books as you like and read them during your free time. Display is also impressive. With a resolution of up to 300ppi, you might confuse its screen for a printed page. It is also glare-free, which benefits people who like reading outdoors. Finally, you get a page press technology that turns pages automatically and a rechargeable battery that lasts for six weeks.

1. Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

With Kindle Paperwhite, you get a high-resolution (300ppi) eBook reader with exclusive fonts and a portable design. It is also durable and has a glare-free lighting technology (adjustable) that minimizes eyestrain. This enables you to read for long in most lighting conditions. A single battery charge lasts for over six weeks. If you spend a lot of time on the road, thus, this is an excellent companion. The high storage space and massive collection of books that people access have also made it one of the most sought-after eBook readers in 2017.

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