Top 10 Best Fish Slippers Scandals In 2017 Reviews

Every year when summer is just around the corner the best summer products hit the market and one must admit some of those products are truly creative and catchy. One of such products that gained popularity in 2017 was the Fish Slipper Scandals. The Scandals that were designed to look like a real fish. This innovation in footwear industry gained popularity over the time and people wearing it on beaches could be seen very commonly.

Lovers of fishing could be seen wearing it on their fishing trips and also people bought them as gifts for their entire families. So what made these fish inspired footwear so popular among the people? Was it the style or the comfort? Or was it altogether a very trendy product to use? Here let’s take a look at the 10 best Fish Slipper Scandals of 2017.

10. WQINSHOE Fish-shaped Slippers

When you go on a fishing trip or the beach, you avoid wearing footwear that would soak wet causing you all the trouble so WQINSHOE produced these waterproof Fish-Shaped Slippers that you may easily wear to your beach parties and lake trips. The shoes are designed for your indoor use as well as outdoor. These are easy slip-on so one can just put them on easily and take them off whenever they like to in their home. You can find the product on Amazon in different categories, (men, women, and children) and different sized. Unfortunately, the product comes only in one color that is green which, by the way, is a very cool summer color. The shoes are flat with approximately 1-2 cm of heels providing you with the ease and comfort you need.

9. MAXGOODS Summer Flip Flop Beach Shoes

Feel like running on the beach or along the poolside without having to take off your shoes? Well then here is a pair of slippers, light as a feather and durable which will not bother you in your activities. The manufacturers used MD soles in the slippers which makes the Scandals extremely lightweight and shockproof. The material used in the product is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. There are not many categories available for the product as the product is unisex so you and your partner can share shoes. This is a plus point added to the product. The product comes at a very reasonable price.

8. EQUICK Unisex Anti-Skid Fish Slippers

Ever went through the embarrassing fall on the poolside or at the beach? I guess we have all experience that embarrassment. With this anti-skid/slip slipper, you can play along with the poolside with your dignity intact. The product comes in four different colors, namely; black, green, orange and pink. You can wear these all day long with full comfort without hurting your feet at all because of the use of EVA material of the flat slide insole, making it comfortable and harmless for your feet. The inventive and unique details of the Scandals keep people intrigued as they see them. Like most of the other products of the same nature, the manufacturers have kept it super light for the customers’ full ease and joy. The style is unique and catchy leaving people in awe as they see them the first time.

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7. AOBMY Summer Unisex Scandals Beach/House Fish Shoes

These fish Scandals come with a distinctive style and design. The shoes are very comfortable, light and extremely flexible. They are unisex so you do not need to worry about finding one for your gender, in fact, you can wear the same shoes as your partner and children. Matching shoes have always intrigued me so buying the same type for you and your friends or family is going to be one of the many advantages of buying these. The product some in a slighter higher price than the other products discussed so far. However, for a pair of shoes made EVC and EVA material, comfortable MD sole and comes in the variety of sizes, it’s still a bargain.

6. SUNROLAN Unisex Soft Slip-on Fish Scandals

SunRolan comes with yet a very impressive make among these Fish Scandals. If you are looking to get a lot of attention as you along with your family steps into the beach, then buy one of these. Not only are they very comfortable, they are more light weighted, more water resistant and the Scandals are slightly bigger from the back making your foot does not slip out of the
slippers. The product is again unisex and available in different but same color. The price is quite high but considering back of the slipper that comes up to hug the foot for a secure and comfortable fit, this does not seem a lot.

5. Lortamia Unisex Summer Flip Flop Beach Shoes

These fish-shaped slippers come in green color and are slightly different in design than the rest of the rest of the products. The
material used in the product is mainly PU and EVA whereas the soles are purely PVC. They are perfect for outdoor activities considering their very flexible design and make of the slippers. They don’t slip or skid so saves you from the embarrassment of falling down as you enjoy your daily outdoor activities.

4. NUOMI Fish Animal Slippers Summer Beach Scandals Shower Slippers

These slippers with their no-slip feature even on the tiles, make them one of the best shower and poolside slippers as well as beach Scandals. Made of polypropylene and the sole is of MD which is a lightweight and more elastic, giving the shoe more flexibility and durability. Shoes are water resistant and no glue is used in the making that can make water cause any damage to the shoe. One of the most admirable features of the product is the price at which it is available.

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3. Zabring Fish slippers Beach Shoes Pool Non-slip Scandals

Have you ever heard of hand-painted shoes? If not then you might just know about these shoes for the first time Sebring came with these hand-painted shoes making them more artistic and unique. This shoe is made of microfiber that’s what distinct about it from all other shoes. Body selection of ultra-light ultra-fine fibers, soles use EVA material, also the soft slipper help protect your feet against hurt. The feel of the shoes give you that of a foam and the colors on it look like a painting of an artist. The price is also
very impressive.

2. HOYOU Fish Animal Slippers Summer Beach Sandals

Well in most cases, the water-resistant shoes are not as comfortable as the other indoor shoes, Hoyou uses Microfiber in the slippers to make them more soft and comfortable. These shoes are made pain free so that a person can easily wear them all day long. Soles are made of EVA so that you don’t slip and fall and also it protects your feet from pain and getting hurt. They are ultra-light and comfortable and the super realistic fish model comes as really cute and attractive. Kids would love the design but not only the children, adults too.

1. FEETMAT Slides for Women and Men

So let’s just introduce our number 1 Fish Slipper Scandals. There are numerous reasons as to why they are kept in the first place. Other than the extremely nice online reviews and being the highest rated on Amazon, the material used is very comfortable and easy to wear at home and outdoor. The make is very close to those of crocs and colors and the real summer vibrant and bright tones. The design is very cute and gets you a lot of attention as you step into a beach or a pool party. The material used is EVA and the sole is made from MD keeping it shock resistant, slip-free and painless. The shoes are extremely lightweight and comfortable. The features do total justice to the price.


After going through the online reviews and ratings of the product, one realizes that the product does bring you under the spotlight when you wear it to parties or the beach. They are kind of ideal summer outdoor footwear and the trend is growing rapidly. We saw the era of crocs that took over the social media real fast and now these fish Scandals, perhaps the trend of animal inspired shoes is not going anywhere in the near future.

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