Top10 Best Glue Sticks In 2017 Reviews

Sticking and gluing projects are popular among kids both at home and at school. If you kid is part of this group and you are setting up a station at home, the quality of the glue that you buy is important. Do not buy the chemical laden ones that irritate the skin and eye, for instance. The one you choose should be safe. It should also be easy to use and come in a quality package that prevents spills. Glue sticks meet this threshold. The 10 brands that we have reviewed will benefit your kid the best at home or at school.

10. Crayola Washable Glue Sticks

Crafts and other glue-on projects offer parents a suitable opportunity to interact with their babies. Unfortunately, because of the poor quality glues that some people, these projects often turn out to be complete failures. Do not make a similar mistake. When shopping for materials, choose this set of washable glue sticks by Crayola. Each weighing 0.29 ounces, the 12 sticks offered are durable. They are also comfortable to use and have fast-drying formulae that kids like. These glue sticks are 100% non-toxic and have wide bases that keep them standing upright on most surfaces.

9. Elmer’s Repositionable School Glue Sticks

With its quality products, Elmer has inspired many kids and adults to explore their creativity. With its line of glue sticks, for instance, many kids can make quality paper projects without messes or health issues. This package of two repositionable ones, for instance, are popular classroom accessories, each weighing 0.53 ounces. Trusted by parents are teachers alike, they are durable. They are also affordable and have permanent bonding formulae that work well on most projects. You kid will like them.

8. Elmer’s E4016 CraftBond Extra Strength Glue Sticks

Poor quality glue does not work well on materials such as paper and plastic. If you have wasted money on a few such brands, we have a better product for you. Elmer’s E4016 CraftBond is a package of four extra-strength glue sticks that never disappoint. Because of the clear formula, they do not stain materials such as paper. Weight around six grams, these sticks also have durable designs that handle heavy-duty gluing well. At home or school, you do not have to worry about your kid running out of glue soon. Elmer’s E4016 is non-toxic, photo safe, and acid-free. It also works well where most traditional glues fail.

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7. Scotch 6008-18 Glue Sticks

Attainable as a 28-ounce package of 18 glue sticks, Scotch 6008-18 is a top-rated product for school and personal use. Office workers also choose it to its competition because of its superior performance. With each pack, for instance, you get fast-bonding glue sticks, each with a kid-safe formula. They are also strong, acid-free, and have washable ingredients that do not stain nor lower the value of tabletops. After a crafting project (photos or papers), thus, you can clean up easily using just water and soap.

6. Elmer’s Extra Strength Office Glue Sticks

In commercial settings such as offices, people depend on glue to seal documents or parcels for shipping. Even though traditional glues work on light accessories such as envelopes, the often fail on parcels and other larger accessories. This is where Elmer’s Extra Strength glue sticks come in. Perfect for office use, the bond most surfaces well. The 24 0.28-ounce sticks offered are also durable and attainable cheap online. Finally, because these sticks are acid-free and dry two times faster than traditional ones, the work well in commercial settings.

5. Avery 98073 Permanent Glue Stick

Forget about the failed projects that you have done with your kids because of the low-quality glue in your possession. With Avery 98073, you get a pack of six permanent glue sticks each weighing 1.27 ounces. Even though affordable, these products do not work cheaply at all. The permanent adhesives that they use secure most materials (photos, cardboard, and paper) and surfaces well. They are also larger, durable, and have washable and acid-free ASTM and ACMI certified formulae.

4. Elmer’s All Purpose Glue Sticks

All-purpose glue sticks are popular because of their versatile designs. This pack of 12 by Elmer, for instance, is a popular model that bonds to cardboard, paper, display board, and foam boards. In school and office settings, therefore, having one is invaluable. All sticks are durable (0.77 ounces). They also fit comfortably in the hands and have non-toxic and acid-free formulae that dry colorlessly and quickly on most surfaces. This is unlike traditional glues that smudge and often fail to adhere to some surfaces.

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3. Avery 98095 Permanent Glue Stick

Even though smaller than most glue sticks listed, Avery 98095’s 0.26-ounce glue sticks have many positive attributes. Perfect for working on photos, card boards, and paper, they are ideal sticks for pupils and office workers. The photo-safe formulae offered wash easily from clothing and have acid-free ingredients that conform to ASTM and ACMI standards. Whether you are shopping for sticks for your child or for commercial use, buy this pack of six with confidence. You are getting the best of the best.

2. Elmer’s Disappearing Purple School Glue

Make playtime for your baby fun with a set of these washable purple school glue sticks from Elmer. Attainable as a package of six 0.21-ounce sticks, it is affordable. The sticks are light, easy to use, and have quality adhesives that work on cardboard, paper, display board, and foam board. Whenever they smudge on hand, they also wash off easily. Use soap with water for best results. Finally, as most of our recommended glue sticks, this brand is acid-free, non-toxic, and ideal for school projects, arts, and crafts.

1. Elmer’s All Purpose School Glue Sticks

Top on our list, Elmer’s All Purpose School Glue Sticks offer the best value for money. Each pack contains 30 all-purpose sticks, each weighing 0.24 ounces. All sticks have washable formulae. They are quick drying and dry colorlessly on display boards, foam boards, card boards, and paper. Because of their quality adhesives, they are also perfect for projects, crafts, and arts in schools and homes. Buy from Amazon to solve the perennial glue shortages at school or in your office.

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