Top 10 Best Great Smelling Colognes for Women In 2017

Although seemingly easy, it can be a bit trying for one to choose the best great smelling cologne for women. Especially beginners may find quite challenging experience trying to distinguish the best ones apart. This is because of the hundreds of such products currently available on the market. However, if you love truly great and unique scents, made of smooth ingredient blends, you can trust any that you deem your favorite from the following top 10 best great smelling colognes for women in 2017. Keep on reading to choose your best.

10. Evyan for Women White Shoulders

This is classic floral-based top-rate cologne that makes you fresh and leaves your body with a fresh smell throughout the day. Featuring hints of lilac and lavender, ambrosia and gardenia, it is a soft sweet scent yet that is perfectly paired to make you turn heads wherever you go. Its softer tones and high-grade ingredients’ blend offer a rich floral finish.

9. Lucky You by Lucky Brand for Women

Created by the renowned Lucky Brand of top colognes, the Lucky You is one of the freshest women’s scents today. Its summery fragrance blends sweet deep grapefruit scents with rich floral hints and jasmine, therefore creating elegant smooth smelling cologne every woman will covet, and surely enjoy if they buy and use it.

8. Still Jennifer Lopez by Jennifer Lopez

Who doesn’t know Jennifer Lopez? Who doesn’t want to be like her? Then, if you want the ideal cologne for bare skin, this is it. The J. Lo-inspired spray features a blend of fragrant soft and choice white flowers. Among the tones are musks, rose, sandalwood, wild jasmine, honeysuckle, earl gray, and many other top quality are selections. It is an amazing spray particularly if worn around evenings for parties and dinners. Not only you but every body you meet will appreciate its value.

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7. Ciara 100% by Revlon for Women

Recommended for wear as romantic cologne, the Ciara 100% from Revlon is confident to put you right in the mood for any moment. Thanks to its rich quality floral scents that are blended with very smooth vanilla plus cinnamon hints, you will definitely love the results of this soft-smelling women’s cologne. Just a little of it goes a long way with a fresh wonder. It features fragrance notes of musk and vanilla.

6. Davidoff Cool Water Eau de Toilette

The popular Cool Water by Davidoff is one of the topmost choices for women who need a rich floral blend that is wearable on a regular basis. Featuring hints of orange and lavender paired with musk, moss, mint, and also a fresh ocean air scent, this cologne makes you feel as if you are along the sweet beaches as long as you wear it.

5. Vera Wang Princess by Vera Wang

This is one of the most reputed fragrance creations. Made by the renowned Vera Wang, it offers you a fruit-rich floral fragrance that is ideal for use by both genders, yet mostly recommended for women. It features high quality ingredients that make it truly outstanding. You simply can’t resist this cologne since it makes you feel like you are a princess, and neither your man can. It is the perfect choice for romantic evenings. It includes sexy scents of amber, apple, golden apricot skin, dark chocolate, water lily, vanilla among others.

4. Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl Eau de Toilette

This is a refreshing floral scent that has been paired with choice sandalwood and deep aromatic woods smell to keep you guessing right from when you wear it on your body. It is mild, yet with its woody deeper blends, it does not overpower other scents worn by your colleagues, or linger for overly long upon your cloth or body.

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3. Katy Perry Purr Eau De Parfum Spray

Made by the great Firmenich perfume house, the famous Katy Perry Purr is an awesome choice of women’s cologne. It features a blend of gardenia, forbidden apple, peach, and also green bamboo and yet with the heart of jasmine, pink freesia, and Bulgarian rose. Base notes include coconut, sandalwood, white amber, vanilla orchid, and musk. From the style of the bottle, even, you can tell this is truly an amazing cologne option.

2. Victoria’s Secret Love Spell Fragrance Mist

No woman can deny this lush lend of cherry blossom, white jasmine, and also peach, for it is one of the best Victoria Secret’s colognes for women of style. It is perhaps among the most coveted fragrances around the world, if not the very most. When you use it, you enjoy the conditioning feeling of Aloe Vera, oats, grapeseed extracts, plus some great nourishing vitamins like C and E. it gives you a sensuous fragrance and deep enriching moisturized feeling.

1. Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker for Women

This is the topmost scent, even among the top 10 best great smelling colognes for women in 2017. It is created by the famous Sex and City star, Sarah Jessica Parker. It features wonderful notes of vanilla and lavender, and also rich blends of rosewood and orchid. The result is a fresh, aromatic finish great for regular use.

The market is choking with countless options advertised as great colognes for women. However, not every pick is good for use. Some are not safe for human use at all, and may bring complications to your skin and general health. However, for safe, greatest smelling choices for your stylish romantic moments with your lover or for parties or even for daily wear, you can trust the above highlighted choices.

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