Top 10 Best Photography Light Boxes In 2018 Reviewed

Gone are the days of boring, unattractive product photos with distasteful backgrounds. And, it isn’t that hard to give your photo a clean, professional look that everyone wants to see. All you gotta do is to invest in the best photography lightbox. Heck! Isn’t that the reason you’re reading this in the first place? Well, if that’s the case (and there’s every chance that it is), you’re in luck.

We’ve reviewed the best light box photography kits for stellar shooting. Let’s get right into it!

10. TRIPROC Lightroom Light Box

If you’re a hobbyist, product advertiser or an Etsy seller, you’ll love the TRIPROC. Ideal for taking pictures of small items such as watches, gadgets, and crafts, it comes with bright LEDs to give your images a professional look they need to stand out.

You can bring this light box with you everywhere you go, thanks to its compact design. Theoretically, this means that it gives you the flexibility of shooting your photos from anywhere, at home or studio. The outer acrylic plastic material is not only waterproof but also anti-flaming, translating to years of use. We love matte-finish surface for some elegance.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to use the TRIPROC. Just connect magnets on either side of the box, then plug in the cord into your source of power and you’re good to go! Now, that’s what we like to call simple, straightforward operation.

9. SHOTBOX Light Box

While the SHOTBOX isn’t one of the cheapest light boxes on the market, it has a world-class performance to back up the lofty price tag. For starters, it measures 24 inches in size, to accommodate slightly larger products. In fact, it is a brilliant alternative to the TRIPROC if you’re looking for a softbox that can handle a mix of small and pocket size items.

We love the SHOTBOX’s next-generation LEDs. These will not only spruce up your photos but also last for a mind-bending 20,000 hours! Plus, this box has a toggle switch that lets you move between left, right and center lighting seamlessly. That way, you have optimum control over the glare.

Remember when we talked about dull backgrounds? Well, that shouldn’t be a cause for concern with the SHOTBOX. It has fours four infinity backdrop to give you more choice over the appearance of your photos. How about that!

8. LEPOTEC Shooting Tent

The LEPOTEC sports a minimalist design and excellent functionality, making it one of the best photography light boxes for beginners. It will serve your needs if you’re an online seller, artist or shutterbugs looking for smashing product photos. Besides, you can count on the super bright 600Lm LEDs with up to 6500K temperature balance to deliver appealing images every time.

Don’t like the magnetic design? Not a problem! The LEPOTEC sports a user-friendly stamping construction so that you can shoot your photos without unnecessary collapses. Assembling this thing is a breeze too. In other words, it is ready to use right out of the box! As for the backgrounds, this one offers four of them to suit more into your needs.

What’s more? You only need to have your power bank or laptop to get the LEPOTEC to work. Just use the provided power cable to connect it to your mobile device, and you’ll be shooting in a couple of minutes.

7. Amzdeal Light Box

This light box is already causing ripples across the market even though it’s a relatively new entrant. Shoot like a pro with the Amzdeal and leverage on its ultra-bright LEDs positioned for maximum contrast. Don’t worry about color balancing. The LEDs are Color Rending Index (CRI)-enabled to keep colors consistent even when shooting in daylight.

The Amzdeal has a one-of-a-kind background complete with a silver reflective finish to eliminate shadows. You also get four color backdrops to experiment with various tones. Meanwhile, the front window lets sample different shooting angles including 90 degrees. Apart from that, this box is easy to install with no additional tools required.

6. MyStudio PS5 Lightbox

The PS5 is a workhorse – in every sense of the word. It is your to-go-to lightbox when you have lots of shooting to do. It is also a great pick if you’re in search of a little bit more versatility. Yes, you can fiddle with its structure to shoot objects from above. Think of it as the softbox you need to photograph plates of food from a bird’s eye view. All you need to do is to detach the light assembly from the white plastic and slide it forward for a broader perspective.

While the PS5 doesn’t have as many backdrops as the LEPOTEC or the SHOTBOX, its offers 5000K color-corrected daytime lighting for perfect color balance on your images. You don’t even need to use a flash or additional light. Moreover, you can purchase colored backgrounds if you so wish. It is worth noting, however, that the PS5 works best with 100/120 volt light fixture.

5. Gordon & Bond BrightBox

The BrightBox is a reasonably-priced option if you’re looking for a budget-friendly model that packs the performance of a high-end unit. It comes with black and white backgrounds for sharp and clear photos that highlight the unique features of your product.

Those who’ve used it applaud the solid polypropylene construction material for months upon months of service. Of course, just as you’d expect with a light box designed for use with small products, the BrightBox is incredibly lightweight. By extension, this means that moving it from point A to B isn’t much of a hassle.

And, just when you thought that things couldn’t get any better, we tell you that you get a free eBook with every purchase. You couldn’t possibly get it wrong with step-by-step instructions to help you start your photography on the right footing. Could you?

4. Neewer Shooting Tent

This light box by Neewer is a top pick if all the light boxes that we’ve reviewed so far are too small for your needs. It has a white nylon fabric that filters the light to get rid of all reflections. It is the unit to buy for iconic photos of large products due to its ability to eliminate shadows.

We bet that you’ll love the front door with multiple functions. You can remove the door for daytime shooting. Or, have it in place and use the strategically placed slit on to set your camera lens when you need to use artificial lighting. While this box is relatively big (has a dimension of 24 cubic inches) it comes with an adjustable storage case for hand and shoulder carrying.

3. MyStudio MS20 Professional Lightbox

MyStudio makes a second appearance in our best photography light boxes reviews, this time with the MS20. This one features a 20 x 20 x 12-inch cyclorama infinity background for five-star quality photos. So good is this unit that you won’t have to retouch your images.

Just like the PS5, versatility is the name of the game with the MS20. It has a 90-degree corner design that allows you to try out with various shooting angles and depth. With such adaptability, you can use it with cubes, photo tents, and other light boxes. And for those who’re asking, this unit provides up to 5000K fluorescent lighting to draw attention to your product’s most important highlights. Perfect!

2. AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio

The name couldn’t be more appropriate. This light box by Amazon brings all the ability to shoot studio-quality photos straight to your hands. It has a front three-door system so that you can take your images from as many angles as possible with zero reflections. And then there’s the top hole for shooting from above. Despite its size, this unit uses high output integrated LEDs for handheld photography with top-notch results whether you’re using your smartphone or camera.

Other than that, the LEDs offer a satisfactory 5600K temperature balance with Color Rendering Index (CRI) to keep the colors consistent with every shoot. The best part? It is compatible with the Amazon Seller app, allowing you to shoot, edit and upload your images straight to Amazon. If you’re an online seller, this is a light box you’d want to own.

1. LimoStudio GG349

A hot contender for the best photography light box 2018, the GG349 by the renowned LimoStudio is on another level. In truth, it is more than a light box. Every package features a mini stand tripod, a photo shooting tent and 16-inch cubic color backdrops. You also get a cellphone clip holder, and two tabletops LED lights. Simply put, it has everything you need to shoot amazing product photos right away.

We love the fact that the shooting box has a white backdrop to allow you to take photos with neutral and soft light balance. That way, you’ll reduce the contrast between hot-spots and shades, making your images stand out. The LEDs generate a brightness of up to 600 lumens and 5500 color balance. Did we mention that you can adjust the camera stand up to a height of 8 inches and that it is compatible with any smartphone? Well, we just did!

In conclusion, we believe that after reading our photography light box reviews, you’re in a better position to choose a model that’s in line with your needs. Over to you!

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