Top 10 Best Shower Benches and Chairs for Elderly, Handicapped, and Disabled In 2017

To the elderly, disable, or handicapped individuals showering is a frustrating activity fraught with numerous risks. Because of soap and water, the risk of slipping and breaking a limb is high, for instance. Because of their weakened bodies, most individuals also have a challenging time standing and showering in bathrooms for minutes. To solve these problems without spending a hefty sum of money, buy one of our 10 recommended shower benches and chairs for home use. Adult sized, they support a lot of weight without crumbling under pressure. They are also rustproof, aesthetic, and have comfortable and slip-resistant designs that better the experience of users.

10. Drive Medical Shower Tub Bench Chair

Do you have a disabled, injured, or elderly person at home? If he or she is tired of dry bathing to keep clean, purchase this shower tub chair from Drive Medical to better his or her experience. Featuring a stain-resistant black and gray theme, it is an excellent bathroom accessory. Its assembly is easy and tool-less, while its sturdy legs, seat, and back support over 400 pounds without falling apart. Whether you are a youth or adult, therefore, you will have an enjoyable time on this premium seat without compromising safety. Its wide (11.5 x 19.25-inches) seat is comfortable, while its height adjustable design (1-inch increments) suits users of all stature.

9. Duro-Med Sliding Transfer Bench Chair

With this bench chair from Duro-Med, transferring from wheelchairs to bathtubs or showers has never been easier. Featuring a heavy-duty aluminum frame, for instance, it is durable, rust-resistant, and supports over 200-pound loads effortlessly. Its plastic seat is comfortable, durable, and textured for stability. It also has well-placed cutouts that drain water well to better the experience of users further. Legs, on the other hand, are stable and adjustable to accommodate users of all stature. Whether you are tall or short, you will have a memorable time showering or bathing with this chair in your possession.

8. Moen DN7105 Transfer Bench

With this glacier-theme Moen DN7105 Transfer Bench, you get a convenient bathing accessory that eases access to bathtubs. Whether you are an elderly individual or have a debilitating joint injury, you will be able to enter and exit your bathtub with minimal effort. Featuring a lightweight yet sturdy aluminum frame, this chair has a load capacity of 400 pounds. Its sturdy feet adjust (16.5-21-inches) to fit most individuals, while its safe ADA compliant design is among the best for everyday use. It does not slip easily. All materials used to make it are bath and skin-safe, while the lifetime Moen’s warranty offered covers all defects.

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7. AquaTeak The Original Asia Shower Bench

Made of quality teak, The Original Asia Shower Bench from AquaTeak is a valuable bathroom accessory with a comfortable 18-inch design. Weighing 20 pounds, its portability is desirable. The sustainable teak used to make it is warm and comfortable to sit on, while its rubberized feet are stable. Unlike some chairs and benches that slide and compromise the safety of users, this model enhances safety. Its naturally water-resistant design works well outdoors and indoors, while the five-year warranty offered for it mirrors its quality. This bench is affordable and recommended for use on patios and in gazebos.

6. Essential Medical Supply Shower Bench

Are you tired of the flimsy and hard to use showering bench in your possession? Purchase this replacement model from Essential medical Supply to improve your experience. Featuring a wide textured seat, stable, back, and arms for support, its performance in showers and bathrooms is desirable. Padding is optimal, while its high load capacity (300 pounds) is impressive for its price. Unlike similar brands that crumble under significant stress, Essential Medical Supply will serve you for long without bending or rusting. It is easy to setup, easy to maintain, and recommended for both the elderly and the disabled.

5. NOVA Medical Products Deluxe

Because of their age and chronic medical conditions, most individuals to having dry baths with negative effects. Cleaning, for instance, is not as thorough as when showering or having a bath. Practitioners also sacrifice the soothing effect of water that individuals enjoy when showering or soaking in tubs. With the help of this Deluxe NOVA Medical Products chair, however, you will regain your independence without spending a lot of money. It is durable, easy to assemble, and has a molded back and seat that cradles the body well to maximize comfort. Its arms improve the stability of users, while its light 7-pound design is portable. It also has drain holes that prevent slipping and adjustable legs with skid-resistant rubberized feet.

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4. MedMobile Bathtub Transfer Bench/Chair

MedMobile is a comfortable bathtub transfer bench and chair with a wide adjustable seat that accommodates users well. Made of water-resistant plastic, its seat is durable. It is also stain-proof and relatively easy to clean before and after a bath. Apart from its well-designed feat, buyers choose it to its competition because of its stable frame. Built to support up to 300 pounds, adults have a memorable experience on it without compromising comfort. Legs (sure-gripped) are non-slip, while the high-grade aluminum used to make it resists both corrosion and rust. Used as an occasional or everyday chair, therefore, expect memorable results devoid of your showering habits.

3. Drive Medical Premium

This premium series of Drive Medical shower chair is a comfortable bathing and showering accessory with padded arms for support. Back support and protection are optimal. Its sturdy height-adjustable design is fun to use, while its durability has made it a best seller in the shower and bath accessories niche. Because of its compact design, Drive Medical Premium fits comfortably in most showers. You can also move it around effortlessly without straining your back and carry it along during your long-haul trips in your trunk. With a load capacity of 350 pounds, this bench chair is ideal for personal and commercial use.

2. Ez2care Adjustable Shower Bench

With Ez2care, you get a lightweight white-themed shower bench with a comfortable and adjustable design that benefits people of all cadres. If you have a leg injury, for instance, and have a difficult time accessing your shower, this bench will come in handy. It also benefits the elderly and the disabled because of its premium design. With an original, for example, you get a wide and anti-slip seat that delivers an excellent sitting experience in showers. You also get adjustable legs (12.5-16.5-inches) with rubberized safety tips and a sturdy aluminum frame (anodized) with a 250-pound load capacity.

1. Dr. Kay’s Seat Top Bench

Do not sacrifice personal safety and comfort whenever you are showering or bathing. If you are an elderly person, disable, or injured, this seat top bench from Dr. Kay’s will support you well. Considered among the top 10 best shower benches and chairs for elderly, handicapped, and disabled in 2017 its durability is admirable. Load capacity is approximately 250 pounds, while its light 4-pound design is travel-worthy. It also has an adjustable height (12.5-18.5 inches), a non-slip platform and feet, and side handles for added support.

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