Top 10 Best Snow Brushes for Cars In 2017

During winter, snow build-up is a common issue on vehicles. Even though most car owners ignore it with the hope that it will melt away naturally, consequences are diverse. On the road, for instance, snow build-up increases the drag of vehicles. This increases fuel consumption and thus, the overall maintenance cost of vehicles. Excessive snow also lowers the quality of paint and rubber fittings such as seals and lowers the visibility of drivers on the road. To manage such problems naturally, one of our recommended 10 snow brushes will serve you well. They are easy to use, durable, and have well-designed brushes that sweep snow effectively.

10. Mallory 203

Mallory 203 is a solid wood brush for clearing snow and ice from the body of vehicles. Even though cheap, its quality of construction is desirable. The solid wood used to make it, for instance, is durable. It is also long (25 inches) and has a comfortable molded handle that enables you to work better for longer. Bristles, on the other hand, are tough, waterproof, and designed to clean well without scratching paint or glass. With an original, therefore, expect fast and professional-grade results whenever you are sweeping your vehicle.

9. OXO Good Grips Twister

The quality of the OXO Good Grips brand has made it sought-after in various categories. For those battling with snow build-up, for instance, this extendable twister brush is a recommended product. Even though shorter (11-inches) than Mallory 203, its light design is one of the best for heavy-duty use. It is very easy to maneuver. You can also cover a larger area with it without getting tired. This brush has an adjustable head (90 degrees). It also has feathered bristles that protect car paint and a scraper for clearing ice build-up.

8. Dart Seasonal Products CB99

Featuring a telescoping handle (38-62-inches), Dart Seasonal Products CB99 is one of the tallest products in this niche. Even though slightly harder to control fully extended, its versatility and overall performance have made it sought-after globally. Its cushioned slip-proof handle, for instance, makes cleaning fun. You do not have to worry about tough plastic digging into and irritating your hand, as poorly built plastic brushes often do. It is also durable and has a wide face that sweeps large batches of snow. This enables you to work faster devoid of the car in your possession.

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7. BirdRock Home Snow Mover

Christened the snow mover, this extendable (up to 50-inches) snow brush from BirdRock Home is ideal for heavy-duty use. It is durable, well balanced, and has a comfortable foam wrapped handle that does not slip whilst in use. Because of its lightweight (1.5 pounds) design, usage is also simple. With each stroke, you will clean your car’s body and windscreen efficiently without scratching car paint. Its sturdy ice scraper is also effective, while its durable long reach design is great for working on cars and SUVs.

6. Mallory Hopkins 999CT

If Mallory Hopkins 999CT’s long 35-inch inch design does not captivate you, its soft-bristled head will surely do. Ultra MAXX, it has a spacious design that sweeps large areas at a time. The five rows of bristles used to make it are durable and its anodized aluminum handle light and comfortable to use. If you have a tight budget, Mallory Hopkins 999CT is affordable. Rust and corrosion resistance is impressive, while its built-in scraper works as well as its brush does.

5. True Temper ABTT3612

Do not let snow build-up to compromise your car’s looks and or its fuel economy? If you are willing to spend a few dollars, True Temper ABTT3612 is a worthy solution. Specially designed for sweeping snow, it does not scratch paint nor glass. Its tall 36-inch design improves reach, while the innovative EVA foam technology used to make its head is premium. Over time, you do not have worry about it freezing and or falling apart, as traditional bristles often do.

4. Subzero Hopkins 80037

Hopkins 80037 is durable and specially designed to work well in sub-zero temperatures. Instead of gambling with one of the low-grade models in stores, buy one to take snow management to the next level. Featuring a lockable pivoting head, it is perfect for cleaning all areas of vehicles. Its length (60-inches) is desirable, while its extra-wide head cleans faster and better than comparable smaller models. Whether you have an RV, SUV, or sedan that you use often, you will have a memorable experience with this all-in-one snow brush.

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3. Subzero Hopkins 14039

Featuring a super-duty crossover design that withstands abuse well, Subzero Hopkins 14039 outmatches its competition in many ways. In terms of strength, for instance, it is as tough as a fox. Its 50-inch design easily clears snow from the body and windshield, while its curved design is very easy to maneuver whilst working. You do not have to exert a lot of energy to keep your car snow free. Subzero Hopkins 14039 is extendable and has a tough ice scraper that loosens and cleans frost and ice efficiently.

2. Hopkins 2610XM Subzero

With Hopkins 2610XM, you get a 52-inch (expandable) super extender broom for use on SUVs, vans, and trucks. Perfect for heavy-duty use, it is durable. Its blade is wide and non-scratching, while its cushioned grip is comfortable and non-slip. You also get a convenient squeegee and a sturdy handle that rarely bends or breaks. If you have a tight budget, this snow brush will also benefit you. It is affordable. It is also long lasting and does not require special maintenance to work well.

1. Mallory USA Hopkins 532

Popular in top 10 best snow brushes for cars in 2017 reviews, Mallory USA Hopkins 532 tops our list. While its affordability is a major draw, its performance is even better. Featuring a comfortable 26-inch design, for instance, you can maneuver it and clean your car efficiently with minimal effort. Its handle is durable. It is also ergonomic and has a soft foam grip that does not irritate the palms when working for long. This is unlike some plastic and wooden models that often disappoint users. You also get sturdy bristles (four rows) that clean efficiently and a curved handle that reaches and cleans hard-to-reach areas.

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