Top 10 Best Streaming Media Players In 2017 Reviews

In today’s technological era, the Internet has penetrated most corners of the globe. This has brought with it many opportunities. People can nor communicate easily using emails and instant messaging applications. The internet has also improved how people entertain at home. For instance, unlike in the past when people depended on DVD players, media players have taken over this sphere. They are cheaper. They have also improved access to television programs that people paid hefty amounts for in the past. To enjoy these benefits and much more, the 10 best media players to buy in 2017 include:

10. X2 Premium Nano Media Player

Are you shopping for a fast and reliable streaming media player that you can use at home? X2 Premium Nano Media Player is an affordable model that grants users access to over 1200 television channels free. Because of its HD-ready design, picture quality is impressive. It also supports both LAN and Wi-Fi connections and has a multi-language interface that you can customize as needed. If you do not understand English, for instance, you can use Arabic or any other language that you understand well. This media player has a convenient plug and use system. The remote controls and HDMI interface that you get work well also.

9. SkyStream ONE

Do you enjoy watching movies, sports events, and television shows whenever you are lounging at home? To improve access to your favorite channels or programs, buy SkyStream ONE Streaming Media Player. Designed to connect to most television sets via HDMI, its plug-and -use design is convenient. It is also durable and has a HD-ready design that delivers 4K UHD streams from popular apps such as NBC News and CBS. You can also access movie sites such as Hulu, YouTube, and Netflix without lags or any other performance issues.

8. GooBang Doo Android 6.0 TV Box

This 2017 version of GooBang Doo Android 6.0 TV Box works well. Featuring an advanced Amlogic s905x chip technology and Android 6.0 marshmallow OS, its performance is impressive. Lags, for instance, is a non-issue. Paired with one of the best televisions (via HDMI), you also get superior image quality (4K) whilst entertaining. During your free time, thus, you can watch as many documentaries as you like from social sites such as YouTube. You can also access your preferred subscription sites effortlessly and play video games on demand.

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When shopping for media players, most people want technologically advanced devices that offer value for cash. If you are in the same boat, you will like TICTID MX Pro. Featuring an Amlogic S905 Chipset and a powerful Quad Core processor, its performance is desirable. The Android 5.1 Lollipop OS that it uses boosts its performance further. If you have a stable Wi-Fi connection; thus, expect stable streams from all of your preferred applications. The DLNA and HDMI connections that it uses are stable. Finally, because of its superior hardware decoding (H.265), you get quality pictures (4K 1080i/P) whilst saving bandwidth.

6. TiVo BOLT (500 GB)

In stores such as Amazon, media players are diverse. For the right amount of money, you can find many good brands. Exceptional ones such as TiVo BOLT (500 GB) are also attainable on a budget. Buy yours to get a durable streaming media player with streaming apps fully integrated. You do not have switch inputs or use web browsers to access sites such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Picture quality is impressive. The 4K UHD pictures that it displays are detailed, clear, and have a natural color balance that people like. Finally, because this media player has inbuilt storage (500GB), you can record your favorite shows or later review effortlessly.

5. Roku Express – HD Streaming Player

Liked for its affordability and quality, Roku Express is one of the best media streaming players of all time. With one, you get a HD-ready device with an all-new design that delivers faster and quality streams. Forget about the monthly rental fees that you pay for cable. Access to content is free. You also get a simple navigational system, an easy to use search function, and a remote that works well. Whether you like movies or news, this media player will never let you down.

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4. Micca Speck G2

Micca, like Roku, is a reputable brand with many bestselling products. If you are shopping for a media player (streaming), for instance, the Speck G2 stands out in many ways. Because of its ultra-portable design, you can use it indoors and outdoors. Its display (1080p) is impressive. Finally, the wide range of codecs that it has (MPEG1/2/4, H.264/AVC, and DivX/Xvid) enables you to play media from most apps. Many people also like its support for many audio formats and numerous storage options (HDD, USB, and SD cards).

3. Roku 3 4230R with Voice Search

Release in 2015, Roku 3 4230R remains a dominant player in this industry because of its valuable design. Designed to grant people access to over 2000 streaming channels free, its value is desirable. It also has a fully loaded HDMI-ready design with a convenient plug and use interface. If you have a television that supports HDMI, you do not have to customize it in any way to work. Simply connect this player via HDMI and Wi-Fi to enjoy your favorite channels on demand. Forget about the low-quality cable channels that you pay for every month.

2. Amazon Fire TV

Many of us acknowledge the quality of Amazon products. In the streaming media player industry, for instance, the Amazon Fire TV is a sought-after product by sports and movie enthusiasts. Because of the high-definition (4K UHD) that it delivers, it takes indoor entertainment to the next level. The collection of apps and games that people access (0ver 15,000) is also impressive. Finally, because of its higher processing power, it offers better Wi-Fi support than other streaming media players do. This benefits people with slow internet connections. You get an expandable (100GB) 8GB storage.

1. Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote

An all-time bestseller on Amazon and many other stores, the Fire TV Stick tops our list. Featuring a convenient plug and use design, it eliminates the hassle of cables whilst entertaining. It is also durable and has an advanced Alexa compatible system that users like. To access one of the 15,000 apps or games on offer, for instance, issue a voice command and it will obey. This player is also affordable and has a high-speed HDMI port that works well with most televisions.

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