Top 10 Best Voice Controlled Devices in 2017 Reviews

The voice control technology has taken the world by storm since its development a few years ago. Unlike in the past when people switched on lights manually, for instance, you can now control them by voice. You can also switch your radio on and off and control many other electronics without touching them. If you are curious, like most of us, and want to experience what this technology offers first hand, this article is for you. We have reviewed 10 of the best voice controlled devices that work well.

10. BlueAnt S3 Voice Controlled Car Speakerphone

Millions of people enjoy listening to music in their cars as they commute to school or work. Unfortunately, because of the low-quality stock speakers in their cars, the experience is always dull and boring. To solve this problem, buying this voice controlled car speaker from BlueAnt is a good decision. It mounts conveniently on visors of vehicles. It also has a superior sound and an inbuilt sensor that turns it on automatically whenever you enter your cars. What is cool is that you can control it easily by voice. You can load music. You can also skip tracks without touching it.

9. EZVIZ Mini Plus Video Security Camera

Are you conscious about the safety of your home? Are you shopping for a versatile security camera that you can use to monitor its status on demand? EZVIZ Mini Plus is a dependable Amazon-certified model that works with Alexa. Unlike most models that require manual operation, you can set it up and customize its system using voice controls. Its camera, on the other hand, is durable and designed to capture clear 1080p videos (HD) in most settings. You get 16GB storage (SD) with each original camera that you purchase.

8. Swiftrans Wifi Smart Plug

For centuries now, people have depended on standard AC plugs to charge phones and power electronics. This Wi-Fi Smart Plug from Swiftrans takes their performance to the next level. Alexa compatible, for instance, you get a hands-free accessory that you can control using voice controls. You can turn on your TV without leaving your couch. You can also turn your DVD player on and off on demand without sacrificing safety. Swiftrans Wifi Smart Plug is Wi-Fi compatible. As such, you can control it using your smartphone from anywhere. It also has an away mode that can turn your lights on and off automatically whenever you are away.

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7. EZVIZ Husky Outdoor Wireless Video Security Bullet Camera

Do not let the underperforming security camera in your home to compromise its safety. We have a better option for you. This bullet camera from EZVIZ is a top-rated outdoor accessory with a durable weatherproof design. It is easy to install. Most importantly, it has a Wi-Fi-enabled system that works with Alexa as well. This enables you to control it remotely. You can also use voice controls to turn it on and off or customize its performance as you desire. You also get night vision (100-foot range) and an upgradeable 16GB micro SD storage.

6. EZVIZ Mini Wi-Fi Home Video Security Camera

Do you have a small child that you monitor often? Are you shopping for video security camera that excels at this job? EZVIZ Mini is a Wi-Fi enabled 720p model that works better than most models. The fact that is Alexa compatible, for instance, makes it one of the best for day-to-day use. You can turn it on easily using voice controls. You can also monitor its view anytime and anywhere via its free EZVIZ application. Finally, this security camera not only detects motion but also has a built-in speaker that supports one-way communication.

5. Insteon SwitchLinc Remote Control Dimmer

Insteon SwitchLinc is a beautiful dual band dimmer with an advanced remote-controlled system that people like. It is easy to install. It is also a good money saver. By dimming lights whenever you do not need it, you save a lot of money in the long-term. As other products that we have listed, Insteon SwitchLinc is Alexa compatible. Instead of walking up and down to turn your lights on and off, you can do so using voice commands. You will enjoy having one at home.

4. NEXX GARAGE Remote Garage Door Opener

Getting out the car to open garage doors manually frustrates most people. The biting cold, for instance, is frustrating. It is also a safety threat, especially at night. If you have a similar problem, this smart garage door from NEXX GARAGE will come to your aid. Powered by a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network, you can operate it remotely from your smartphone. If you have Alexa or any other virtual assistant, you can also use it to open and close your garage remotely. This garage opener is easy to install. It even has a notifications feature that tells you when somebody accesses your garage.

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3. Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Do you have a hard time knowing whenever you have a visitor at your door? Even though installing a traditional doorbell is ideal, this Ring Video Doorbell Pro will serve you better. Its Alexa-compatible system, for instance, responds accurately to voice prompts. It also has an onboard camera that shoots high definition video (wide-angle) videos and motion detection sensors. Whenever a person is at your door, these sensors turn on recording automatically during the day and at night (night vision). Using a free Ring app, you can do two things. You view footage remotely on your phone. You can also set it to send notification alerts automatically to your mobile phone. Finally, using its two-way system of communication, you can talk to your visitors remotely before answering the door. This improves safety.

2. TP-Link Smart Mini Plug (2-Pack)

When organizing movie nights, people have to stand up and connect their televisions manually. They also have to switch on their DVDs manually to enjoy one of their favorite movies with friends or family. If you are in the same boat, buy this pack of two TP-Link Smart Mini Plug. With an original set, you get durable Wi-Fi enabled plug that works with Alexa as well. This way, you can turn your electronics on and off using your smartphone. You can also use voice commands without installing a hub. Both plugs are safe and have space-saving designs.

1. Echo Dot (2nd Generation)

Echo Dot is by far one of the most advanced voice controlled devices that play a major role in homes. If you enjoy playing music, its voice-controlled system is super convenient. It will help you to load your favorite tracks. You can also use it to read audio eBook aloud or to communicate via voice or text messages. This product is durable. It is also easy to set up and keeps getting smarter as its manufacturer adds more features.

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