The Health Benefits Of Red Wine

Wine comes from grapes, but not the grapes you would normally get in the grocery store. They are made from wine grapes. Wine grapes have seeds, are very sweet, small in size and their skin is thick compared to the ordinary grocery store grapes. Although there are over a thousand wine grape varieties, only a few varieties are common in most places where wine is made. Wine that is made using a single variety is normally referred to as a single-variety wine or a varietal wine. On the other hand, wines made using different varieties of grapes are referred to as blend wines. Most wines are in most cases named after the place they originated from. Below are some of the common types of wines made in different parts of the world and some of the health benefits you get when you take red wine occasionally.




Style: Red wine (full-bodied)

Taste: violet, black pepper, tobacco, meat, plum and blueberry.

Wine Description: Syrah is a wine that is normally planted in large amounts in Rhône Valley in parts of Australia as well as France. The flavour of this wine is very intense and it is high in tannins of middle weight. In most cases Syrah is blended with Mourvèdre and Grenache in order to come up with the Rhône blend. Food Pairing: White cheddar, Manchego, beef, lamp and smoked meat.

Cabernet Sauvignon


Style: Red Wine (full bodied)

Taste: Cedar, black currant, black cherry, baking spices

Wine Description: Bordeaux is the first region where this wine was heavily planted. It is currently the most popular type of wine in the entire world. The full body characteristic of this wine comes from the bold tannins and the persistent finish that is achieved by the high alcohol and tannin content of these wines. Food pairing: hard and aged cheese, smoked meats, beef and lamb.



Style: Red wine (Medium to Full body)

Taste: Exotic combination of fruits, sweet tobacco and spice powder.

Wine description: This wine’s origin is Croatia. It is a spicy yet fruit forward kind of wine. Zinfandel is commonly known as rosé wine. Food pairing: lamb, cured meat, pork, chicken, beef, barbecue and different types of firm cheese.

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Style: White wine (Medium to full body)

Taste: topical fruits, yellow citrus, pomaceous fruits, caramel, butterscorch and cinnamon in some cases.

Wine description: Chardonnay was first grown in large quantities in France. There is oaked-aged and unoaked chardonnay wines. Both of these wines have different tastes. Oaked aged is spicier and unoaked chardonnay has a zesty and lighter taste. Food Pairing: chicken, shrimp, lobster, crab, mushroom, pork and some medium firmness types of cheese.

Pinot Noir


Style: Red wine (light body, soft tannin and high acid)

Taste: mushroom, rhubarb, red rose, red fruits.

Wine description: This is a type of light bodied red wine that was first heavily planted in different regions in France. These wines are normally characterized by the high acid content and soft tannins. Food Pairing: duck, veal, pork, chicken, firm and soft cheese.

Sauvignon Blanc


Style: White wine (light to medium body)

Taste: herbaceous kind of quality and exotic fruit taste.

Wine description: This wine was first heavily planted in different regions in France. The main characteristics of this wine are the tartness and flavour of green fruits. Food Pairing: pork, chicken, fish, veal, nutty cheese and goat cheese.



Style: Off-dry white wine

Taste: sweet floral herbal taste, stone fruits and citrus fruits.

Wine description: This type of wine has a high content of acid. The table wines tend to be sweet or sometimes dry. Food pairing: fondue, cheese, duck, pork, chicken, cured meat and turkey.

Pinot Gris


Style: white wine (light body)

Taste: pomaceous fruits, citrus, cheese rinds, floral notes

Wine description: This wine is widely grown in Italy, Germany and France. This type of wine is very easy to drink and has a bitter kind of taste on the palate. Food pairing: poached fish, salad, mild cheese



I have taken wine for a long time now and I can assure you that the health benefits of red wine are really worth buying that bottle of red wine even if there is no special occasion.

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Reduced Risk of Heart Attack

Research has shown that people with high blood pressure who take red wine moderately have a 30% less chance of suffering from a heart attack than individuals who do not take red wine.

Increased Life Span

According to a Finish, people who take wine occasionally enjoy a mortality rate that is lower by 34% compared to people who take spirits and beer.

Reduced Risk of suffering from Type II Diabetes

Those who take wine have 30% lower chance of getting Type II diabetes when compared to those who do not take red wine. This is according to a research done at VU University Medical Center.

Lower Risk of Cataracts

Those who take red wine moderately have a 32% lower chance of getting cataracts. Occasional intake of red wine lowers the likelihood of getting cataracts by 43% compared to those who do not take red wine. These are the findings from a research done in Iceland.

Slower Decline in Brain Function

A study done in Colombia University showed that wine drinkers’ brains decline at a lower rate compared to those who do not take red wine at all. However, taking of wine when the brain has already started declining might not be as effective.

Reduced Risk of Colon Cancer

If you take wine moderately, you cut the risk of getting colon cancer by about 45%. This is a study that was done at the Stony Brook University.


In conclusion, there are different types of wine to choose from. The difference is mainly in the type of wine grape variety used and the body of the wine. It is a great idea to try different types of wine. I have done this over the years and I have a great appreciation for how different wines feel on the palate. I am wine collector and I am always in search for the rare bottles made in different parts of the world. However, the main reason I take wine is because of the health benefits of red wine I get to reap. Make wine taking a habit and for sure, your body will thank you in the long run.

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